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Howa Tramico, subsidiary of Howa Group, is a European company with almost 600 employees and currently operates in 5 different countries. With its 7 plants and automotive and industrial divisions, the group is capable of supporting its clients in Europe and throughout the world.

A solid experience

With more than fifty years of experience, the HOWA TRAMICO Group has become an essential player in the industry and the automotive sector. With the skills of its employees and the innovation at the core of its DNA, the group has been able to develop its skills and strengthen its teams. Nowadays, the group is able to intervene as well to answer the needs of interior partitions, the creation of surfaces for sound insulation or even waterproofing.

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Employees in the HOWA TRAMICO Group

Wherever the industry needs cutting-edge equipment, HOWA TRAMICO foams are at hand.

We can satisfy the demands of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow, thanks to the two cornerstones of our entrepreneurial culture:



Howa tramico - Le groupe

Pushing the boundaries of ambition

Throughout its history, the Howa Tramico Group has made innovation the focus of all its operations. The internal planning is focused on a crucial process: accelerating innovation.

It is an integral part of our day-to-day business that brings together and combines our expertise to reinforce our competitiveness with unprecedented solutions.

In our company’s DNA, technical excellence is banned. We constantly question our tools, methods and products to constantly renew our ability to address and satisfy our clients.

An environmental approach

Making sustainability and viability coincide

Howa tramico - Le groupe
Howa tramico - Le groupe

As for many companies, sustainable development has now become one of the central concerns of the HOWA TRAMICO Group. For all our teams, it is an ambitious CSR policy. An internal process to meet today’s requirements without questioning tomorrow’s imperatives.

No compromise for all the plants, but a commitment and a concrete action: the implementation of a qualification process for the scraps resulting from our production. This recycling of our foams creates a new life cycle for the leftovers and the manufacture of new products. These highly dense foams are used in the industrial sector as cushioning tools, but also for the general public for, for instance, judo mats.

Our location in Europe

HOWA TRAMICO operates 7 production plants in Europe.
Howa tramico

Our location in Europe

HOWA TRAMICO operates 7 production plants in Europe.
Howa tramico