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Most of our foams seal and protect your parts. Whether it is air, water or dust, we offer a wide range of products to slow down aging and degradation linked to these agressions.

Our foams meet many specific technical criteria and are created in compliance with current standards.

Harness protection

Howa Tramico has a whole range of products dedicated to harness protection. This mainly involves wrapping the bundle from felt or polyurethane foam. We particularly use film / foam / reinforcing grid complexes with excellent anti-noise and protective properties. We also offer felts used to fix the harness to panels with adhesives formulated and adapted according to the required grip strength.


Regarding acoustic products, we can offer a full variety of technologies using polyurethane foam, fibers, felt or complexes. For “engine” applications, we mainly carry out thermoforming of “fire treated” foam assembled in a complex. Applications are under the hood, engine side aprons but also wing flaps. For wet areas, we recommend hydrophobic fibers or foams under films. In the latter case, we use 2D die-cut foam or nipple foam that we enclose in waterproof film. These films can be floating or glued, which gives them a specific acoustic characteristic. We work with polyurethane or polypropylene films according to specifications and the desired economic target.


Always keeping the objective of protecting and maintaining parts, our foams can be sized to adapt to any medium and any shape. Adhesive or not, our products are light, resistant, and limit all types of shocks and vibrations in the desired area.


Cushioning, Waterproofing






Acoustic insulation, Waterproofing

Impregnated foams

Acoustic insulation, Waterproofing


Acoustic insulation, Beam protection, Cushioning, Waterproofing

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