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We have been processing PE foam for over 40 years. It is a product specially designed for air, water and dust sealing. This type of foam is naturally waterproof. The cells are closed and do not allow air or liquids to pass through. For economic purposes, it can be more or less flexible or rigid, of variable density, crosslinked or not. From tools at reduced cost, it is transformed with simple means: blades, cookie cutters. You will find this foam in jointing or wedging applications. It can also be used for surface protection such as painted bodies. The thickness and density will be adapted to each use case. Our laboratories internally validate the effectiveness of the waterproofing and other specifications. The design offices define the most economical solution to offer you in terms of design and material density.

Additional information

Operating temperature

80 – 90°C


  • Block
  • Roller
  • Plate

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