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heavy masses

Product ID: 20128

Used on its own to reduce the vibration of flat sheets, or integrated into a complex, heavy masses are the best solution for sound insulation. Their viscoelastic characteristics combined with mineral fillers limit the propagation of noise. These products are used in particular in engine encapsulation, around rotating machines or compressors. The product adapts to the desired frequency range. Our acoustics laboratory service is equipped with the means to simulate and study the acoustic response. We can thus define the complex specially adapted to your needs. An adjusted mass + foam complex makes it possible to reach the desired resonance frequency. Regarding the presentation, it is also possible to cover the complex with a protective film. Cut to the press, adhesive, there are different packaging variants. You will find the application of our products particularly in boating, a demanding sector in terms of acoustic comfort.

Additional information

Minimum density

2 kg/m²

Maximum density

15 kg/m²


PUR, Film, heavy masses


  • Block
  • Roller
  • Plate

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